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Scott Hirsch

New York Attorney

Coming from modest beginnings, Scott Hirsch was born and raised an inner city kid in Jamaica, NY. He went on to graduate, cum laude, from Rutgers University in New Jersey and attended law school in Manhattan at New York Law School in Tribeca, where he also graduated, cum laude in 1985.

During his first year of law school, Scott began clerking at Sale and Groothius, where he realized he could, in time, become a part of the firm and then build a successful practice. After law school, he joined the firm of Sale, Groothuis and Hirsch as an associate, where his brother Mitchell worked and was a senior partner. Scott vividly recalls his first case being an immigration case during which he successfully helped a woman, and had a fulfilling feeling of having helped someone in need and getting compensated for it.

In 1997, he formed a partnership with his brother Mitchell and formed the firm Hirsch and Hirsch. With that partnership Scott transitioned his practice areas into the civil law arena and out of criminal law. Why the switch? Scott calls himself a problem solver and whereas criminal law focuses on punishment and loss of freedoms, civil law is more about finding the best possible solution for all parties involved.

His main areas of practice include civil litigation of personal injury matters, commercial and corporate interests, municipal and agency regulatory matters, insurance disputes and coverage issues, business litigation and real estate litigation. He also oversees the firm’s extensive traffic violation practice. Mr. Scott Hirsch represents both large and small business including national chains such as Radio Shack and Staples, and a large variety of construction companies on Long Island. Scott is acting General Counsel to Sentry Industries, an electronics manufacturer. Scott Hirsch is admitted to practice in the all of the Courts of the State of New York, as well as the Eastern and Southern District Federal Courts. He resides in Manhattan with his wife and two sons.


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