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New Ticket Laws Enacted for Brokers

New Ticket Laws Enacted for Brokers

After years of investigation, both Congress and the state of New York have rendered automated ticket purchasing software (known as bots) illegal. This is in an effort to halt ticket brokers from swiftly purchasing all of those prime real estate seats that everyone wants at concerts, sporting events, and Broadway shows. By using bots, the brokers were able to prevent huge numbers of customers from buying tickets at their face value cost. Instead, brokers resold those tickets at a price many times their face value. The new laws provide far heavier penalties for those who use computer software to bypass the security controls on retail ticket platforms in order to work around purchase limits and other rules. New York has taken the law further and has criminalized the practice of purchasing tickets through ticket purchasing software.

But Can I get a Ticket to Hamilton?

Although would-be ticket purchasers agree that it’s infuriating not to be able to see a show or attend a game for the face-value of their tickets, it’s difficult to say exactly how the Arts and Cultural Affairs Law is going to help. Consumers are not likely to reap any discernable benefits from the new law.

Although the new federal law does not carry criminal penalties, it does prohibit anyone from bypassing online control mechanisms that have been put in place by the ticket issuer in an effort to enforce purchase limits and maintain the integrity of ticket purchase rules. However, the language of the law is both broad and vague, and it fails to address head on some of the issues endemic to ticket scalping, such as collusion with – or at least the turning of a blind eye by – giant ticket brokerages like Ticketmaster, the consumer confusion regarding who the official ticket seller actually is, and outright scalping by some events’ major players.

What’s Next?

Because there have been relatively few charges brought against ticket brokers, very few legal firms have experience in the area, and even fewer attorneys have experience in their successful litigation. It’s important to remember that New York has criminalized the use of bots for ticket purchasing, so if you’ve been charged with a ticket industry crime in New York, you need to know your rights and you need to protect your rights.

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