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Many people with driver’s licenses fail to ever consider what is on their driving record. However, if you are unaware of negative marks on your record or fail to address them, you can face serious and costly consequences. A common reason for ignoring your driving record is that you do not even know where to begin in obtaining a copy of your record. Even if you do get a copy, you may not fully understand all of the legal implications of what is on your record. Because having a clean DMV record is extremely important for New York drivers, the attorneys at Hirsch & Hirsch can help you obtain and review your record, as well as address any potential issues that we find.

If you need any type of assistance with a DMV record analysis or a traffic violation, please call our office today for a free consultation.

DMV Record Analysis

What’s a DMV Record?

Every driver licensed in the state of New York has a DMV record. This record contains various information about your driving history, including:

  • Any driving restrictions
  • Any accidents associated with your license, including injuries or property damage that resulted
  • Any license suspensions or revocations, along with the reasons for the suspension or revocation
  • Name and personal identifying information
  • The number of points that are on your license as a result of traffic convictions
  • Class of current license (e.g. commercial driver’s license)
  • Convictions for any traffic violations

While this information can be confusing to some, a DMV record provides valuable information for a traffic attorney who fully understands NY traffic laws and who is seeking to provide traffic violation defense.

Do You Know What is on Your DMV Record?

It is important to know what your DMV record contains for various reasons. For example, your record may be requested to obtain professional licenses or jobs that require you to drive and negative information on your DMV record can have a negative effect on your professional opportunities. In addition, you may believe that a simple speeding ticket is not a big deal if you do not realize you already have several points on your license. These points add up and can result in a license suspension before you know it. Even if your license is not suspended, having points can result in increased insurance rates and other costly issues, so it is important to always be aware of what convictions are affecting your record.

Finally, if you fear your license may be suspended for some reason or receive notice that your license is suspended, it is critical to find out the reasons behind the suspension and address them immediately. Do not simply ignore the suspension and keep driving, as that can only result in more serious penalties. Instead, call our DMV and traffic attorneys today for help.

What’s a DMV Record?

Free DMV Analysis Over the Phone

At the law office of Hirsch & Hirsch, we have an in-house DMV terminal that gives us instant and confidential access to your DMV record. Having your record in front of us allows us to fully analyze the convictions, points, suspensions, or revocations that you may have so that we can best plan for a traffic defense strategy. Seeing your record gives us a comprehensive view of your charges, your past convictions, and how any new convictions may affect your driver’s license. In this way, we can provide the highest quality of traffic violations assistance.

In addition, accessing your record in-house shows us the reasons behind a license suspension immediately, so that we can plan to properly defend against your suspension or try to have your license reinstated. We can represent you in front of the DMV or in traffic court and seeing your record in our office allows us to provide the highest quality of service.

All you have to do to have your DMV record analyzed by our attorneys is call into our office as we provide these consultations free over the phone to save you time and money. This is only one of the many services we provide regarding NY traffic violations and driver’s licenses.

Consult the DMV Record Attorneys at Hirsch & Hirsch, LLP for Help

At the law office of Hirsch & Hirsch, we understand how driver’s license suspensions, traffic violations, and negative marks on your DMV record can affect your life. We work to minimize the consequences you face and provide assistance throughout your entire traffic case. If you want to know information about your driving record, call our office today at 516-486-8500 for a free DMV record analysis.

Free DMV Analysis


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