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Commercial Fire Code Violations

The state of New York requires businesses to comply with strict commercial fire code laws, and failure to do so can result in significant fines, the suspension or loss of a business license, and even criminal liability. In some cases, a fire code violation may even result in a business being closed by local authorities. Because of these potentially serious consequences, as a business owner, it is important to ensure that you are in compliance with any relevant fire code provisions and that you defend against allegations of violations as vigorously as possible.

It is critical to keep in mind that in many cases, the inspectors who are handing out fire code violations are not infallible and may not even fully understand the codes that they are attempting to enforce. For this reason, it is important for any business that has been accused of a fire code violation in New York to speak with an attorney who has a comprehensive understanding of the relevant rules and regulations and experience representing businesses in a similar situation. The attorneys of Hirsch & Hirsch are dedicated to representing the legal rights of business accused of fire code violations, including the following:

  • Expired fire extinguishers

  • Fire sprinkler violations
  • Fire alarm violations

  • Blocked fire escapes

  • Blocked doorways
  • Improper storage of hazardous materials
  • Broken or defective electrical outlets
  • Failed ELT tests
  • Defective or missing exit signs
  • Poor housekeeping practices
Fire Code Violations

Efficient Resolution Process

One of the main issues that business owners are concerned about when they have been accused of a fire code violation is how the matter will affect their ability to conduct business. Even in cases where a business has been allowed to continue operating in spite of an alleged violation, dealing with the issue can often require a significant investment of time. As anyone who has been to a DMV can attest, dealing with government bureaucracy can be extremely difficult and time-consuming, even when attending to a relatively routine matter. As a result, addressing allegations of a fire code violation can often have a negative impact on a business’s productivity and bottom-line.

Fortunately for business owners, the attorneys of Hirsch & Hirsch are here to help. We are committed resolving code violation issues as quickly and efficiently as possible and minimize the amount of time that our clients need to devote to the matter. In order to save you time, you can submit your violation through our website, execute an affidavit, and we will appear in court on behalf of your organization, saving you time and money.

Commercial Fire Code Violations

Working with Clients Big and Small

Our office is qualified to work with organizations of any size. Some of our corporate clients in the area include Radio Shack, Century 21, Staples and Aeropostale. While we are capable of effectively representing large companies like these, we are also committed to meeting the legal needs of smaller organizations as well and provide the same amount of attention to each client. We understand that any business that is facing a fire code violation case has one priority – resolving the matter as quickly and with the least amount of disruption possible.

It is important to note that if you plan on disputing a fire code violation in court, it is imperative to retain an attorney. New York requires that corporations be represented by an attorney, so if you send an employee or other member of the company who is not a licensed attorney to court, the court will simply adjourn your case. As a result, failing to hire a lawyer can drag your case out for a significantly longer period of time, costing you and your business both time and money.

Contact Hirsch & Hirsch, LLP Today to Schedule a Free Consultation with a New York Fire Code Violations Lawyer

If your business has been accused of a fire code violation, you should contact an attorney immediately. Even minor violations have the potential to create serious issues that could interfere with your ability to conduct business and even result in jail time in certain cases. For this reason, it is critical for any business owner who has been accused of a fire code violation to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. To schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled lawyers, call Hirsch & Hirsch, LLP today at 516-486-8500. If you would prefer to send us an email, please do so through our online contact form available here.

Expired Fire Extinguishers


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