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For some people, buying or selling real estate can be one of the most important transactions of their lifetime. Others, however, may purchase and sell properties as part of their business and it almost becomes a regular routine. No matter what your experience level may be with real estate deals, there is always a significant amount of money on the line, so you always want to make sure that every part of the deal goes smoothly.

While it is certainly possible to conduct a real estate transaction without the help of an attorney, doing so puts you at risk of serious financial consequences if a legal dispute arises. While you may never expect that a dispute may come up in your real estate deal, such disputes do occur over a variety of issues and can cost those involved a significant sum of money. In order to best protect your legal rights and finances in any real estate transaction, it is always wise to consult with a skilled real estate attorney.

Whether you are an individual purchasing a home for your family or a business buying a large multi-unit commercial development, the experienced attorneys at Hirsch & Hirsch can help you. We handle real estate cases involving many different types of property from Manhattan to Montauk, so please do not hesitate to call our office for help today.

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NY Residential Real Estate

Buying a home should be an exciting time and you should not have to be concerned about the fine print in your real estate contracts. However, many lenders and sellers may include provisions in these contracts that are not necessarily in your favor. Because contract language can be difficult to understand, it is important to have a residential real estate lawyer read over all of your paperwork before you sign anything. If there are any potential issues, we can negotiate with the other party to ensure the agreement is fair and enforceable.

Once you sign an agreement, there is always the chance that the other party will not meet their end of the bargain in some way. When it comes to homes or residential investment properties, you can lose a lot of money if the deal does not go through or if there were any misrepresentations made regarding the property. At Hirsch & Hirsch, we protect your rights under your real estate contract and can help you seek legal remedies for any losses you have suffered.

Another common residential real estate dispute can occur between a landlord and a tenant. Both landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities under the law and they agree to certain terms under their specific lease. If a landlord or tenant violates the law or the terms of your lease, we can assist you in resolving the dispute. The most common landlord-tenant disputes can include:

  • Non-repair of the unit
  • Unlawful discrimination against a tenant

No matter what type of residential litigation you face, we can assist you and protect your financial and legal interests.

NY Residential Real Estate

NY Commercial Real Estate

Many of the same types of disputes arise regarding NY commercial real estate as they do with NY residential real estate, including lease disputes, landlord-tenant issues, closing complications, and more. However, when commercial real estate is involved, the parties are often more sophisticated corporations instead of individual buyers. No matter who you are going up against, our attorneys will fight for your rights in commercial litigation.

Additionally, we can assist businesses who wish to purchase commercial properties and can help them decide what type of business entity to form and how to deal with any tax consequences of the acquisition or sale of property. We understand how vital real estate can be to the success of your business and we will aggressively defend your rights in any type of commercial real estate dispute.

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Real estate deals can range from renting a studio apartment to purchasing a multi-million dollar office building. No matter what type of transaction you have, we can help to review and negotiate all documents, ensure your rights are protected at closing, and settle any disputes between buyers/sellers or landlords/tenants. The real estate attorneys at Hirsch & Hirsch, LLP know how to handle a wide range of real estate matters and we understand how important these transactions are to your financial success. Please call 516-486-8500 for help as soon as possible.

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