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At Hirsch & Hirsch, LLP we understand the value of being active members of our community and networking with local professionals and businesses in other areas. We find that networking with others and providing superior client service is the best way to generate new and repeat business, and constantly strive to make new connections with members of the community.

While business networking can provide value, we also simply take pleasure in getting to know others in our community. We understand that as attorneys, we can often work with and learn from people in other areas of business, and find that strategic partnerships can often arise in the most unlikely situation. While the ethical rules of the New York Bar prevent attorneys from sharing legal fees with non-lawyers, there are many ways in which law firms and other business can help one another generate new business and provide each other with valuable goods and services. With a professional referral network, businesses can join together to elevate their company.

Local Business Referrals

Founding partner Mitchell Hirsch is a member of the North Shore Business Associates Chapter of Business Network International (BNI). The group meets at 7:00 am on Thursdays at the Candlelight Diner in Commack. The group is made up of professionals and business owners in a variety of industries, including construction, pest control, insurance, electricians, marketing, medical, dentistry, and roofing, as well as others.

Professional Referral Network

Attorney Networking

Because of our commitment to networking within the community, we are able to provide exemplary service to our clients by connecting them with service providers to meet needs related to their legal issues. For example, we can connect car accident victims to a chiropractor who we know and trust or an estate planning client to a skilled financial planner. In addition, we can refer clients to other attorneys in the event that we have an existing conflict of interest or are unable to handle a particular case for some reason.

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The lawyers of Hirsch & Hirsch have been helping businesses and individuals with a wide variety of legal issues since 1978 and are dedicated to providing effective legal representation and counsel. We practice in a number of areas of law, including personal injury , criminal defense, landlord-tenant, commercial real estate, residential real estate, liquor license applications, traffic, DWI/DUI defense, fire code violations, and more. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call our office today at 516-486-8500. If you would prefer to send us an email, please fill out and submit our online contact form.

Local Business Referrals


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